Dóchas Conference 2017 – ‘Reclaiming the Story’

12 Fri, May 02:00 PM to 12 Fri, May 05:30 PM


2017 Conference - Reclaiming the Story

Supported by Irish Aid

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There are two ways to look at a challenge; as an obstacle to be overcome immediately or as a path that leads to changes and new ways of thinking.  Dóchas’ 2017 Conference will explore these new pathways to change. 

We know we are facing a new political reality where the space for civil society to promote the values of social justice, and to campaign to tackle the root causes of poverty, inequality, and climate change is both changing and shrinking.  Brexit and the US elections are symptomatic of this new landscape.  So how do we need to respond, organise, and change, in order to build a strong story of change - and then shout about it?

The 2017 Dóchas Conference aims to:

  • Convene a space for enablers of civil society to discuss challenges and celebrate successes

  • Develop a narrative for change

  • Inspire greater collaboration among civil society

The Speakers

Who should attend?

  • Domestic and international civil society groups

  • Dóchas members

  • Activists and campaigners

  • Academics and researchers

  • Students, particularly those studying international development, politics, communications, equality studies, geography, sociology, law, history, environmental sciences

  • Social innovators and entrepreneurs

  • Members of the diaspora

  • Philanthropists


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The Theme

Shaped around the theme of ‘Reclaiming the story,” we aim to bring together over 200 activists from Dóchas members, Irish Aid, domestic and international civil society groups, academics, philanthropists, social entrepreneurs, the diaspora, young people and many more.  We need to firstly challenge ourselves about this new political reality, and understand the implications.  We then need to see what’s already working and develop a strong story that unites us, that inspires us, and that allows us to amplify the change we want to see.

The Sustainable Development Goals – the theme of last year’s Dóchas conference - already captures so much of the transformative change that we want to bring about. We were inspired by our keynote speaker, President Michael D. Higgins who spoke passionately about challenging the status quo in order “to find an economics for the 90%, not just the 1%”.  But if the Sustainable Development Goals offer a strong transformative vision for ending poverty and injustice in a way that links people, planet, and prosperity, it also demands that the solutions are developed from a set of shared values based on equality, solidarity, and respect, and by a collaborative approach to partnership.

How then should we be maximising the opportunities presented by the Sustainable Development Goals, and in so doing, counter the growing narrative of fear, exclusion and xenophobia?


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