New Voices in Development


Radisson Blu Royal Hotel, Dublin
23 April 2010, 2 - 5.30pm


On 23 April, Dóchas hosted a conference entitled New Voices in Development, which brought together established and emerging development organisations with southern voices and representatives of the private sector, philanthropy and academia. The aim of the conference was to provide a forum for discussion between these groups to encourage cooperation between them and improve their collective understanding of what works.

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Read the full programme of the conference here

Press release: Aid agencies welcome growing number of Irish initiatives fighting global poverty

All photographs of the conference are available here



Speakers contributions

- 'The 20th Century Has Left the Building: Time to Reimagine Development'

By Lawrence Haddad, Director of the Institute of Development Studies (Brighton), President of the UK and Ireland's Development Studies Association, Leader of Reimagining Development

- 'Private (Development) Initiatives - New Actors in Development'

By Sara Kinsbergen, Researcher, Author of The Anatomy of Private Development Initiatives

- 'Connect Ethiopia - An Irish business initiative for Trade & Partnership'

By Philip Lee, Founder of Connect Ethiopia, and Aidan Magner, M/A Com Tech 

- 'The SCOOP foundation' - - 'Looking out for the little guy'

By Andrew Sweeney, Founder of The SCOOP Foundation

-  'NGOs Aid Effectiveness

By Paul Collier, Author of The Bottom Billion, Professor of Economics, Director for the Centre for the Study of African Economies at the University of Oxford


To watch all the presentations click here



. Jim Corbett, Managing Director of Bewley's

. Justin Kilcullen, Director, Trocaire

. Moore McDowell, Economics Lecturer and Commentator

. H.E. Zerihun Retta, Ethiopian Ambassador to Ireland 


Useful Resources

In S. Africa's Orphanages, Is Doing Good Really Bad? (npr)

. Save Haiti from aid tourists (The Guardian)

. The Anatomy of the Private Initiative (Sara Kinsbergen & Lau Schulpen) 

. Recession could boost trade to Thirld World - NGO ( on Philip Lee's contribution to the Conference)

. The International NGO: Lumbering giant or adaptable entity? (Marc Dubois) 

. Watch Paul Collier's TED talk on the Bottom Billion here 

A Wave of Change: How Irish NGOs will Sink or Swim

. The 20th century has left the building - Time to reimagine development (Lawrence Haddad)

. 'Business as usual' (Tim Bishop in The Networker)

. 2 Aid Efforts in Haiti: Multinational and DIY (3 March 2010, New York Times)

. 'Business Engagement in Humanitarian Relief' (Andrea Binder and Jan Martin Witte)

. How is the aid industry like a recital? A defense of aid (Aidwatch)

. Paul Collier: The crisis in Haiti shows we need a new approach to NGOs (The Independent)

. How to Fix Haiti's Fixers (Foreign Policy)

. Best in Aid: The Grand Prize (Aidwatch)

. Quality employment key to poverty alleviation (UN) 

. Smaller charities sometimes ill-prepared for relief work (InterAction)

. 6 Reasons NOT to start a New Nonprofit Organization (Sandra Sims in Step By Step Fundraising)

. How to get involved in aid (Good Intentions Are Not Enough)  


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