Code Resources

Dóchas Key Resources

To assist signatories implementing the Code in their everyday work, Dóchas has developed a wide range of tools, and identified few tips.

The Illustrative Guide to Understanding and Implementing the Code

Dóchas designed a Guide to be used alongside the Code of Conduct in order to assist signatories to apply the spirit of the Code to their day-to-day work. this resource explains the guiding principles in greater depth, gives practical examples of how to implement the Code, and suggests ways in which training around the implementation of the Code could be developed for signatories' staff.

Awareness Materials

To raise awareness of the Code in workplaces and among the community and to help signatories promote their adherence to the Code, Dóchas has developed a number of materials:


Following the review of the Dóchas Code of Conduct on Images and Messages , Dóchas introduced new criteria as well as a complaints mechanism through Dóchas in order to strengthen the Code in 2012.

In order to assist signatories towards meeting these requirements, a number of useful resources have been made available to guide organisations through this process:

Tips on how to use the Code 

Strive to select an image that has the following:

  •  A good caption describing the situation, where and when the picture is taken, the names of the subjects

  •  Avoid photos where international staff members are named while national staff or local people's names are excluded

  • Ensure permission to use the photo is established

Promote your endorsement of the Code by:

  • Creating a link to the Code from your website

  • Putting the Code logo on your website and your communication and marketing materials

  • Informing colleagues (including volunteers) and contractors in Ireland and abroad of your adherence to the Code

  • Hanging Code posters on the wall

  • Creating a feedback mechanism on your website and your communication and marketing materials

  • Appoint Code champions at different levels and parts of your organisation

  • Adopt a cross-organisational approach (eg. education/communications/fundraising)

  • Ensure Code principles are included in strategies

  • Include Code principles in campaign check-list

  • Create a database of Code proof imagery

  • Choose substance over sensationalism

How Signatories Use the Code

Below please find some presentations (with more to come) from Code signatories on how they have implemented the Code.

Last minute check-list

  • Before making a final decision on the use of an image or message, consideration of the following questions may be useful:

  • Does the use of the planned image and/or message fit with the core values of respect for the dignity of others?

  • If used would those people directly affected by this image and/or message feel that it is a fait and true representation?

  • Have all the subjects of the image and/or message agreed to this application of their image/story?

  • Would the use of this image and/or message cause offence or hurt?

  • Might the use of this image and/or message contribute to cultural or racial stereotyping of people, places and situations? 

Want to tell us about how your organisation is implementing the Code?

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