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(1) Irish Research Council Enterprise Partnership Schemes

Applications to the Irish Research Council Enterprise Partnership Schemes are now open. Charities with a base in Ireland may avail of a waiver for the first year enterprise partner contribution for all new applications to the Enterprise Partnership Schemes (Postgraduate & Postdoctoral) 2020. Closing date: 17 September 2019.

(2) Irish Aid 2020 Civil Society Fund – now open

The 2020 Civil Society Fund Round is now open. The Civil Society Fund (CSF) is Irish Aid’s main project funding scheme. Applications are accepted on an annual basis from Irish and invited international civil society organisations to carry out development projects of between one and three years in duration. Find out more.

(3)SFI-DFAT Partnership: Future Innovator Prize 2019

The Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) and Science Foundation Ireland (SFI) are engaging in a joint initiative, the AI for Societal Good Challenge and the Zero Emissions Challenge, that each offer a €2M prize award to interdisciplinary teams that develop disruptive STEM-based solutions that either leverage AI to address a significant societal challenge or that have transformative impact potential in achieving a target of net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050. These programmes support applications focused on delivering societal impact that will contribute to achieving the SDGs nationally and globally. Find out more.

(4) Global Citizen Award - Registration Open

The GCA recognises and encourages international volunteers to use their overseas experience to take action and raise awareness of global justice on their return to Ireland. Apply today! The GCA is about: Promoting The United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs); Global Justice; Highlighting the interdependence of the Global North and the Global South; Critically reflecting on global social justice issues; Global Solidarity; Change-Making; Advocacy and awareness raising. Awardees will be recognised at a National Award Ceremony and become a part of the GCA Alumni network. The Global Citizen Award is funded by Irish Aid and EIL Intercultural Learning and supported by 22 partner volunteer sending organisations. If you are a change-maker and passionate about awareness-raising actions, register to participate. Find out more at the upcoming orientation day on 9 October at the Carmelite Community Centre, Dublin 2, 4-7pm, or email tessa@globalcitizenaward.ie to sign up.

(5) Cultivating Compassionate Global Citizenship

 A new report from Children in Crossfire presents a thematic analysis of teachers’ experiences of implementing  the ‘Development Education: Educating the Heart Pupil Programme’. Children in Crossfire’s Educating the Heart Programme aims to support teachers’ Continuing Professional Development (CPD). The programme was created for primary and post-primary teachers across the island of Ireland. The purpose of the Educating the Heart programme is to support teachers to engage students in cultivating the necessary knowledge, skills, attitudes and values for participating in the world as Compassionate Global Citizens. Find out more.