Funding opportunity for Dóchas members to partner with research institutions

Dóchas has recently entered into an exciting partnership with the Irish Research Council to deliver the Engaging Civic Society for International Development strand under the ‘New Foundations’ Scheme’ for 2015.

In 2015 the IRC has introduced a new grant strand that would award funding to support small, collaborative research projects between researchers and NGOs. This strand of the grant is focused on engaging civil society for international development. 

This grant offers NGOs and academics in Ireland an opportunity to start a conversation about how their knowledge, skills and experiences might be shared to contribute to sustainable development policy and practice

International development is increasingly framed by an evidence-based logic which is linked with an increasing demand to demonstrate impact. The emphasis on impact offers new opportunities for academics and NGO practitioners. By involving NGOs in research, academics can ensure their research is used and is useful; by drawing on academic expertise, NGOs can enhance their methods to create impactful development programmes. Working with researchers can help NGOs gain a fuller understanding of certain issues and their complexities and can also provide the framework to mount a response. 

There are four themes for potential research proposals in this strand, as follows: 

1. Hunger - Food Security, Nutrition & Agricultural Productivity; 

2. Climate Adaptation; 

3. Humanitarian Assistance and/or Migration‡ ; 

4. Emerging trends and opportunities for International Development. 

The objectives of this strand are to:

  • Encourage knowledge exchange between academics and NGOs; 

  • Develop dissemination activities to ensure the effective transmission of research outcomes to policy-makers, including governments in developing countries, if applicable;

  • Develop expertise to support civil society within the higher education community; 

  • Develop capacity and routes for engagement with NGOs on a longer term basis.

As an NGO, to qualify for the grant you must be in collaboration with an academic partner that is based in a higher education institute. NGOs seeking an academic partner are invited to send in an expression of interest form detailing your area of interest, which would then be posted on the Council’s website and social media pages with the intent of pairing together researchers and NGOs with aligned aims and goals. 

Applications to this strand should develop a research idea or project, test a concept or theory and/or develop partnerships or activities. Awards for this strand are valued up to a maximum of €10,000. Applications for the scheme opened on 19 November 2015, and the deadline is at 12pm on 22 December 2015. 

For terms and conditions and for more information on how to apply visit: The Irish Research Council