How to Endorse the Code

Endorsing the Code means that an organisation supports ALL principles, even if it does not deliver on all the commitments. It demonstrates the commitment to continuous improvement and movement toward best practice principles.

Who can sign on?

Any organisation involved in emergency relief, long-term development and development education can voluntarily sign on to the Code.

What does it mean to endorse the Code?

By signing on to the Code, organisations publicly signal their endorsement of all of the Code's guiding principles. Implementation of these principles remains the responsibility of signatories, but the Dóchas Office and the Working Group on the Code will provide assistance to help implement the parts of the Code relevant to their work.

Signatories must fulfil eight minimum criteria to ensure their organisation is meeting a minimum level compliance with the Code’s commitments. These are:

1.    Make reference to the Code on your main website by displaying the Code logo either on your “Homepage” or in your “About us” section;

2.    Make reference to the Code in your annual report;

3.    The Board of your organisation to return a signed Adherence Confirmation Letter to Dóchas on an annual basis;

4.    Appoint a Code Champion;

5.    Put in place a training plan for staff, management and volunteers;

6.    Provide explicit information on feedback mechanisms on your website;

7.    The Board of your organisation discusses Code compliance at least once during the 12 month review period;

8.    Develop a Code implementation plan. 

How do I become a Signatory to the Code?

We want to hear from you:

Let us know how your organisation is implementing the Code, or tell us how we are doing, by getting in touch here.

  1. Download the application form

  2. Fill in your organisation’s details

  3. Send it back to the Dóchas Office

  4. Review your implementation of the Code regularly

  5. Report to Dóchas on your implementation of the Code every year

  6. Share your review/report to other signatories