EU and Development Cooperation

As the world's biggest aid donor, and as one of the world's biggest trade blocks, the European Union is a big influence on global development.  For this reason, and because much of Ireland's foreign policy is shaped by EU decisions, Irish NGOs take an active interest in the EU's "external policies".

The EU is also a key player in the UN’s agenda for sustainable development, and submits annual reports to its high level political forum. The EU is committed to mainstreaming the sustainable development goals into its policy initiatives, therefore it is important to consider its role within the overarching concept of partnership underpinning Agenda 2030. Below you will find key documents relating to the EU’s external policies, along with the EU’s documents on development, among other key resources.

Brexit Resources

Dóchas Resources

  • European Year for Development 2015: for more info please visit 

CONCORD Documents

EU Documents on Development

European Parliament

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