Making Headlines

The European Year for Development has attracted a lot of media attention in the first six months:


Inside Out: Stories from a Developing World

The Irish Times Inside Out series - Stories from a Developing World has been one of the leading initiatives for the media coverage surrounding the European Year for Development in Ireland and it has been hugely successful to date.

In January the feature was one of the most read articles in the Irish Times Life section for a period of time. The January feature focused on UNICEF and its work in Zambia. It is a prime example of the storytelling that we hope to continue throughout the year. It is an opportunity for people from countries around the world to talk about their experiences, and share their thoughts on development issues. In January Josephine Pumulo told her story.

Born in the slums of Lusaka, Josephine Pumulo, put herself through school and is now one of Zambia’s 65,000-plus U-Reporters - a community that uses rapid SMS to provide adolescents and young people with counselling on sexually transmitted diseases and HIV/AIDS. This is her story: 

Other articles featured in the Irish Times Inside Out Series as part of the European Year for Development:

Other newspaper coverage:  

Talking about development on TV3's Xposé:

Carry Somers appeared on TV3’s Xpose following the launch of the European Year for Development (Thursday 22nd at 6.25)

The show has an audience reach of 770,000 people. It appeals to a very different demographic and was a great way to engage them in development issues, which is key to EYD. Footage was played as well to compliment the interview and highlight the issues Fashion Revolution is tackling, in the context of the European Year for Development. Watch the interview here (can fast forward to 26.20):


National Radio

  • Carry Somers also appeared on Newstalk’s The World in Motion, presented by Shona Murray:
  • A half hour interview with Hans Zomer about EYD on Newstalk radio, on the Moncrieff show with Sean Moncrieff. For 30 minutes Hans Zomer and Sean  Moncrieff talked about EYD – this has an audience of 119,000 people.
  • The ‘Google Girls’ who were ambassadors for the year and who spoke at the launch, appeared on The Right Hook on Newstalk at 5pm in a wide ranging 15 minute interview with George Hook. This is the prime slot of the programme.5-5.30pm is the highest listenership on drivetime radio and The Right Hook show has a listenership of 138,000 people 
  • Kate Krukiel appeared on The Right Hook on Newstalk Radio presented by George Hook (listenership 138,000 people)
  • Breda Gahan appreared on Global Village on Newstalk Radio to discuss the Global Citizen of the Year award

  • The Media Show on RTE Radio One March 29th
    Hans Zomer and Gary Quinn of the Irish Times appeared on The Media Show, RTE Radio One on March 29th to discuss the European Year for Development and the relationship between development NGOs and the media. Listen back to the interview here.

Local Media: 

  • The Drogheda Independent ran a piece about Mairead McGuinness and the launch of the European Year for Development MEPs booklet. We hope to build relationships with other local newspapers and local media outlets over the course of the year.

Every Monday morning Hans Zomer appears on local radio station Galway Bay fm for a regular World's Best News slot in conjunction with the European Year for Development. The topics range from ethical clothing made in Africa to Fairtrade Fortnight, to what happiness really means around the world. Every week this slot aims to show that there is good news to report when it comes to global development. This amounts to between 10-15 radio slots since the start of the European Year for Development.  


Blogs and Online Media: 

NYCI Media Competition Rules 

Media Roundtables: 

  • Telling powerful human stories: Are NGO’s and the media missing an opportunity to tell engaging stories about global issues? How to get Ireland talking about the global at their local Date: Friday March 27th
  • The Dóchas Code of Images and Messages Conference- how do NGOs communicate messages with respect and dignity through the media