Working and Learning Groups

The Dóchas Working Groups are open to all Dóchas member and associate member organisations. They are a core part of Dóchas' work and create a space for members to connect and collaborate, strengthen knowledge and expertise, and influence key decision-makers at national, European and global levels. 

Below is a list of the current Dóchas Working Groups as well as the Terms of Reference for each group. Former groups have included the HIV/AIDS Working Group and the Human Resources Learning Group.

If you would like to join a working group, please get in touch. We would love to hear from you.

Dóchas Working Groups

  • COVID-19 Leadership Group

Focuses on the strategic sector wide issues, priorities and responses arising out of the pandemic. In particular, the group looks at how Dóchas members are adapting to the huge challenges that the crisis poses, and how we can support each other to leverage a strong collective response.

  • Development Education 

Focuses on promoting sustainable development, equality and human rights through education, with the active involvement of local (civil and state), European, and southern education partners. Read the Terms of Reference for this group.

  • Disability in International Development 

Promotes the rights and inclusion of people with disabilities in developing countries by raising awareness, sharing expertise and promoting action on disability issues, including lobbying for change. Read the Terms of Reference for this group.

  • Education in International Development and Emergencies 

Works to utilise experience and expertise of members to build capacity, and share learning and innovation, with respect to inclusive, safe, quality education in development and emergencies. Read the Terms of Reference for this group.

  • Finance, Governance and Compliance 

Shares information and best practice on finance, governance and compliance issues for Dóchas members. Read the Terms of Reference for this group.

  • Humanitarian Aid 

Focuses on contributing to improvements in humanitarian action by promoting dialogue, influencing humanitarian policy, and by increasing the common understanding of humanitarian principles and practice. Read the Terms of Reference for this group.

  • Livelihoods, Food and Nutrition Security 

Provides a platform through which Dóchas can facilitate exchange among its member organisations on approaches and experiences in the field of livelihoods, nutrition and food security. Read the Terms of Reference for this group.

  • Policy 

Facilitates networking, learning and sharing of resources and expertise, and engages with key stakeholders in order to promote dialogue and influence matters relating to the policy priorities of Dóchas and its members and to promote Ireland’s leadership on the world stage. Read the Terms of Reference for this group.

  • Results 

Engages in shared learning, discussions and dissemination of best practice on the implementation of a Results Based Management approach so that Irish NGOs can evaluate their impact. Read the Terms of Reference for this group.

  • Safeguarding

Facilitates networking, learning, sharing of resources and expertise, and engagement with key stakeholders to promote dialogue on all elements of safeguarding, including reporting and capacity needs within organisations. Read the Terms of Reference for this group.