Standards of Excellence

Dóchas’ Theory of Change

Dóchas' Theory of Change document details their vision of how society should be and how their members work to create a world where justice, equality, solidarity and respect for human rights are the norm. Read more

A Wave of Change: How Irish NGOs will Sink or Swim

A discussion paper on the future roles and relevance of Ireland's development NGOs. Read more

"How We Did It" Seminar series

The "How We Did It" breakfast seminar series provided an informal forum for senior staff from Dóchas member agencies to share experiences of "effectiveness" initiatives. Read more

Istanbul CSO Development Effectiveness Principles

The Principles for  Development Effectiveness as agreed at the Open Forum’s Global Assembly held in Istanbul, 2010. Read more

Shared Principals for Effective Development

Dóchas learning brief on development effectiveness created for the Busan 2014 Conference. Read more