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Exploring Irish attitudes to overseas development aid

Empathetic Reactionaries

Empathetic Reactionaries

The core Empathetic Reactionaries demographic over-indexes on younger (up to 34 years of age) females at the single or young children life-stage. This segment also skews somewhat towards the blue collar working C2DE socio-economic group, and could be described as classically centrist from a political perspective.

Socio Cultural Profile 

Empathetic Reactionaries view their individual identity in equal part as citizens of their own country, as well as their local community. Personally quite worried about the economy and job security, these individuals are quite strong  proponents of a tax less, spend less regime. Less likely than average to view Ireland’s move to a multi-cultural society as a positive shift, Empathetic Reactionaries is a little more likely than others to profess concern around education, healthcare, etc. in developing countries.   

Overseas Aid Profile

While generally concerned about poverty in developing countries, Empathetic Reactionaries are more likely to be motivated to help such countries due to a sense of empathy, charity and sympathy, as well as a belief that such countries are entitled to help as a basic human right. With regard to the perceived root causes of poverty in these countries, Empathetic Reactionaries is more inclined to identify factors which are arguably difficult to address – such as war and conflict, high prevalence of disease, and insufficient spend on services by local Governments.

How do we reach them?

Representing the youngest segment of all, it is not surprising that Empathetic Reactionaries are firm believers in the efficacy of social media in bringing about social change, and also informing them in relation to news and information .This is not to under-estimate the amount of TV these individuals consume – most likely dominated by VOD and catch-up platforms.

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