Dóchas Workshops for Members on Charities Governance Code: 26 Jan, 16 Feb & 9 March

A Series of Workshops to assist Charities in Understanding the Requirements of the Charities Governance Code.

26 Jan 2021

Senan Turbull will lead a series of three workshops for Dóchas Members (employees and Board Members) to assist members understand the requirements of the Charities Governance Code.

The workshops will take place on:

  1. Tuesday 26 January    5pm-7pm
  2. Tuesday 16 February   5pm-7pm
  3. Tuesday 9 March         5pm-7pm

The Workshops will include an overview of the not-for-profit sector and the changing expectations around accountability. They will work through the forty-nine Standards in the Charities Code six Principles and there will be advice about how to check your current level of compliance against what is expected as evidence of compliance. The third Workshop will look at the work to be done over the next 8/9 months to enable your Board to complete the Compliance Record Form. 

The sessions will take place on Zoom. The Zoom registration link for each workshop is included below. (You need to register for each workshop separately).

We recommend that 1 employee and 2 Board Members would join these sessions. This would facilitate board ownership/responsibility for the code and provide continuity if not everyone can make each session. The sessions are scheduled in early evening to facilitate Board Members attendance. It is also noted that the sessions are interconnected and it will not make sense to join the second session if you can’t make the first. 

The Workshops are open to Dóchas Members, employees and Board Members.

A maximum of three places will be allowed for each organisation, with additional places being allocated if there is still space.

We encourage you to forward this email to the appropriate contacts in your organisation.


Senan Turnbull is a governance and organisational development specialist working across the Community, Voluntary and Charity sectors. He has a lifetime of experience as a volunteer, a board/committee member and in executive positions in a number of state organisations, from local to national level. Over the past ten years he has undertaken training, mentoring, facilitation and organisational/governance reviews with a wide range of volunteer led organisations. He specialises in the drafting of constitutions and associated policies and procedural documents to guide the operations and structures of not-for-profit organisations.

Senan was a member of the Working Group of the Governance Code for Community, Voluntary and Charity organisations (The Governance Code) until 2019. He was a member of the Board of the Charities Regulator 2014-7 where he chaired its Governance and Regulatory Committee. He also Chaired the Consultative Panel on the Governance of Charities which reported in May 2018. From 2013-2018 he was a board member of Transport Infrastructure Ireland and sat on its Finance and Risk Committee. He is currently a member of the Board of Dóchas, where he also chairs its Governance Committee, he sits on the Appraisal Committee of Dublin City Council’s Ballymun Social Regeneration Fund and on the Strategy and Governance Committee of the Citizens Information Board.


Zoom Registration Links

  1. Tuesday 26 January 
  2. Tuesday 16 February 
  3. Tuesday 9 March 



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