Ireland Will Provide a Voice for Global Peace and the World’s Most Vulnerable on the UN Security Council

17 Jun 2020

Today’s announcement of Ireland’s success of its candidature for a place on the UN security council has been warmly welcomed by Dóchas, The Irish Association Non-Governmental Development Organisations.

Speaking about the announcement, Chief Executive Officer of Dóchas, Suzanne Keatinge noted that this is hugely significant and means that as a small neutral country Ireland can really increase its impact on the global stage, especially when it comes to human rights and civil society, gender sensitive security policy and the ongoing efforts for global peace.

Ms Keatinge said, “Ireland has a proud history of UN involvement and humanitarian and development action. Our expertise in conflict resolution and in reaching out to the most vulnerable around the world puts us in a great position to be an influential voice on the council. We need to use that voice to champion the urgent need for peace in so many war-torn countries, and ensure that the voices of the most marginalised, including women and girls, are involved in shaping that peace. Our reputation internationally is that of an independent bridge builder and now more than ever, this voice is needed.”

“We as a network of international humanitarian, development and human rights organisations, look forward to working closely with the Irish Government to make Ireland’s tenure on the council as productive as possible.”

This is Ireland’s fourth time on the UN Security Council.  Ireland was up against Canada and Norway for a seat. The tenure will be from 2021 to 2022.




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