Who we are

A network to connect, inspire and represent people and organisations working for global justice. Here you can find more about us, our governance, board and how we are funded.

Ireland has a long and proud history of standing in solidarity with the poorest and most vulnerable people across the globe, and the quality of its international development assistance is respected globally.

Founded from the belief that every human being is fundamentally equal, Dóchas is the uniting voice for organisations urging Ireland to be a world leader in efforts to bring about global justice. Dóchas works to protect and support the most vulnerable in society.

Comprised of 46 full members and 11 associate members, Dóchas plays a unique role in safeguarding Ireland’s reputation of punching above its weight due to its long-standing commitment to global development.

In this section you will find out about the make up of the Dóchas Board and secretariat, how we are funded and how we are governed. Here you will also find a brief history of Dóchas.

Commitments and Codes

Dóchas is a meeting place of organisations committed to tackling poverty and inequality around the world. We adhere to certain codes and…

How we are funded

Dóchas is funded through membership fees, a grant from Irish Aid and other smaller grants for specific projects or pieces of work.

Our Board

Dóchas is governed by its members, which elects a Board. Below you can read the profile of our Board members as well as well as recent…

Board Minutes

In this section you will find copies of the Dóchas Board Meeting Minutes

Our Team

The Dóchas Team is made up of a small dedicated group of people who bring a diverse range of skills and knowledge to the organisation

The History of Dóchas

The origin of Dóchas can be traced back to 1974 with the creation of Irish Aid as the official government development assistance programme

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