About Dóchas Membership

Through Dóchas, Irish Development NGOs and others come together to share their experiences, and to use those experiences to advance more effective ways to end all forms of poverty and injustice.

Find out about Dóchas Membership Benefits.

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As part of Dóchas you can connect and collaborate with like-minded organisations, strengthen your knowledge and expertise, and influence key decision-makers at national, European and global levels. Through Dóchas, you can build your skills, add value to your work and that of the sector and help shape the direction of global development by sharing practical knowledge and resources.

Dóchas provides strength and coherence to the sector and identifies gaps and opportunities to ensure our members’ work has the greatest possible lasting impact on global poverty and inequality.

Through Dóchas, NGOs are seeking new and effective ways to maximise their impact, by making use of the ideas and influence of all those who can make a difference – governments, companies, academia, media and civil society organisations.

Dóchas Members believe in:

  • Putting people at the heart of development

  • Using a diversity approaches to advance their common goals

  • Sustaining their impact by learning and evolving

  • Building networks of partners and allies

  • Increasing their impact by advocating for policy change

  • Setting standards of accountability and integrity

Joining Dóchas

To find out how what other benefits would be available to your organisation as a member visit our Why Join Dóchas? page, or download our Membership Brochure below. To find out how to join  please read about our two membership options "Associate Member", and "Full Member" on our "How to Become a Member" page.