Through Dóchas, Irish Development NGOs and others come together to share their experiences, and to use those experiences to advance more effective ways to end all forms of poverty and injustice.

Our Shared Values

Dóchas is defined by the relationships between its members. These are based on mutual interest and shared commitments to human rights, justice and the eradication of poverty, and are constantly intensified through the Dóchas governance structures, working groups and common activities.  Our overarching ethos can be broken down into eight values to which we subscribe and that inform how we behave:

Integrity – Everything we do is guided by the morals of honesty, fairness and transparency.

Independence – We believe strongly in the freedom, voice and legitimacy of civil society and we act independent of the state, political parties and business interests.

Collaboration – We understand that we are better together and work in partnership with others in order to achieve collective impact.

Respect – We uphold human rights and carry out our work with respect for all those with whom we engage. We call out human rights abuses and advocate remedial action.

Inclusivity – We value equality and diversity and are nondiscriminatory in all our activities.  We prioritise the needs of the poor, voiceless and excluded. 

Professionalism – At the most basic level, we aim to do no harm.  But we recognise that this is not enough; we commit to upholding the highest professional standards in all that we do.

Accountability – We know who our stakeholders are, including and particularly those who we aim to respond to through our work, and always seek to be held to account by them.

Learning – We actively seek to get better at what we do, through training and education and through monitoring and evaluating our work.  We learn from our mistakes and share our learnings with others.

Transparency – We are committed to transparency in our processes and decision-making, and we aim to provide honest, open and transparent disclosure when interacting with members of the public. We believe that communications and providing information, whilst accepting we may not always be right, is critical for good collaboration, cooperation, and collective decision making.

Joining Dóchas

To find out what other benefits will be available to your organisation as a member visit our Why Join Dóchas? page. If you have decided to join then visit our How to Become a Member page. You can also get more details on being a Dóchas member from the two documents available for download below.

Download the Dóchas Members Handbook

Download the Dóchas Charter

Download the Dóchas Safeguarding Code

Download the Dóchas Code on Images and Messages

 For a full list the Codes and Standards Dóchas and its members sign up to please go to our Commitment and Codes Page

Current Members

Dóchas is made up of 57 organisations working on a wide variety of projects across 104 countries.

Why join Dóchas?

From Collaboration and learning to visibility and credibility, being a member of Dóchas brings with it a raft of benefits as can be seen…

How to Become a Member

Dóchas has two types of membership, full and associate

Dóchas Alliances and Memberships

Dóchas is aligned to a range of international organisations, ensuring our members voice continues to be heard and amplified alongside our…

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