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Unpacking ‘A Better World’ with Nicola Brennan of Irish Aid

The Irish government launched ‘A Better World’, its new policy for international development, in February after a substantial consultation…

"Before civil society can figure out how to bring the Irish public along with it, it must decide which Irish public it wants to appeal to"

by Éilis Ryan, Dublin City Councillor and European Parliament candidate for the Workers' Party

"Accept the gravity of climate change"

by Dr Lorna Gold

Silence is not an Option: Reflections from Dóchas Safeguarding Seminar

by Suzanne Keatinge, Dóchas CEO, and Muireann Kiranne, Dóchas Membership Engagement Manager

Reflections from Dóchas Awards 2018 Winners

As we get stuck into priorities for 2019, we took some time to catch up with the winners of the Dóchas Awards 2018 to provide some…

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