Ireland’s Humanitarian Assistance Policy

The Global Island: Ireland’s Foreign Policy for a Changing World, was launched in January 2015. The Review considers how the Government safeguards our peace, security and economic prosperity, and promotes reconciliation and cooperation on the island of Ireland. The protection of our citizens and the promotion of our values and our interests abroad are at the core of Ireland’s foreign policy.

The Global Island reaffirms Ireland’s principled engagement in foreign policy and our commitment to promoting our values. It sets out Ireland’s support for a fairer, more just, more secure and more sustainableworld through our development programme, human rights policies, peacekeeping, disarmament and security policies and growing engagement with emerging global issues including climate change.

The Review highlights the serious and growing challenges to international peace and security and the devastating consequences on civilian populations. The changing nature of conflict is impacting negatively on the ability of the United Nations to fulfil its mandate. The Foreign Policy Review recognises that in many parts of the world, inequality and insecurity are linked. The number of humanitarian crises continues to rise
while the international humanitarian system is stretched beyond acceptable levels. Many fragile regions and states struggle to emerge from longstanding emergencies.

The Review commits the Irish Government to continuing to promote respect for and adherence to International Humanitarian Law. Ireland also commits to addressing neglected emergencies in parts of Africa which do not always receive public attention. The Review affirms the role Ireland is playing in helping to address humanitarian crises, in the context of natural disasters, conflict situations and chronic emergencies.

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