Worldview Toolkit

Exploring Irish attitudes to overseas development aid

Worldview Toolkit

Welcome to the Worldview Toolkit - a resource for Dóchas members and stakeholders to deepen our engagement with the Irish public on issues of global development, equality and citizenship. Here you will find:

Worldview Annual Tracker Research  

We completed our first annual tracker survey in January 2021. This involved conducting a nationally representative online survey amongst 3,008 adults aged 18+ in the Republic of Ireland with follow-on qualitative research to discern the current beliefs and motivations of the Irish public towards global poverty, injustice and inequality. Fieldwork for Survey 2 was completed in December 2021 (2,026 respondents). 

The entire Worldview analysis report for Survey 1 and 2 can be downloaded below, or explore the various sections; Background, Research Overview, Quantitative Findings, Meet The Segments and Qualitative Findings

Survey 1 Analysis Report

Survey 2 Analysis Report

 Survey 3 Analysis Reports 

Survey 4 Analysis Reports


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