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Exploring Irish attitudes to overseas development aid


The 'campaigns' section highlights exciting campaigns that have been informed by the Worldview research data.

1. Dóchas Digital Experimental Campaign 2022 - People Like Me

In 2022 Dóchas’ carried out a social media experimental campaign to field test a number of low production videos about the importance of Ireland’s overseas aid budget to measure the impact the videos have on audiences in different constituencies. The messages were delivered by “people like me” aka people living in a particular location within Ireland talking to others who also live there. 

The videos were then tested against videos with similar messages (unbranded INGO video) to understand what best resonates with the Irish pubic. The theory that people are more open to receiving messages from “people like them” was tested to gain a greater understanding of what engages/resonates well with the middle segments identified by the Worldview Research. 

Participants were recruited and filmed in different locations throughout Ireland.  A total number of 3 “people like me” videos were advertised on Facebook and Instagram during the month of September 2022.  These ads were set to target those in the moveable middle segments identified by the Worldview Research - including the European Multilateralists, National Pragmatist and the Empathic Reactionaries. 

The public's engagement with and perceptions of the video were analysed both qualitatively and quantitatively, through focus group discussions and social media metrics.   

The results of these will be available by end of November 2022. Below are the videos used in the experiment.

European Multilateralists

Empathetic Reactionaries

National Pragmatists

Control Video - 2021 Campaign video


2. Dóchas Digital Experimental Campaign 2021 - #NowMoreThanEver

In 2021, Dóchas carried out an experimental campaign to examine how the different segments, as defined by the Worldview research, would engage with the content and messages from Dóchas’ #NowMoreThanEver campaign to maintain or increase Official Development Assistance (ODA) in Ireland's Budget 2022.

Dóchas’ #NowMoreThanEver campaign was multifaceted and included public affairs, media relations, organic earned social media PR and a small digital advertising element. A variety of content was produced to be used organically across social media. However, for the purpose of the experimental campaign, the #NowMoreThanEver video (see below) was chosen as the content to test as it is considered the most relatable to all Worldview segments.

The video was advertised across Facebook and Instagram for the month of September. Five versions of the ad were set up using the same video content, each with different headline copy written to appeal to the motivations of each segment. These ads were set to target the five most engaged segments as closely as possible using the Worldview research data as a guide.

The public's engagement with and perceptions of the video were analysed both qualitatively and quantitatively, through focus group discussions and social media metrics. 

The quantitative results reveal that the ads performed very well in the context of the modest campaign budget allocated. Engagement was high and interestingly, the further down the engaged pyramid we went, this didn’t result in hugely lower engagement numbers, suggesting that even the most disengaged segments were interested in the content somewhat. 

The qualitative research showed that of all the segments, Global Citizens were most engaged by the campaign and this is in respect to both the content and the look and feel. The Community Activists/National Pragmatists were less engaged, though they also acknowledge the strengths of it. 

For more detailed information, download the reports below. 

Quantitative Evaluation Report

Qualitative Topline Report


3. GOAL #Connected2 Campaign

GOAL's #Connected2 Campaign aims to encourage better awareness and understanding of how people all over the globe are interconnected through Climate Change and Food Systems, and to impress how events in one part of the world can have an impact, whether positive or negative, on other parts.

The #Connected2 campaign strategy was driven by data and informed by insights coming from the Worldview research. The target audience was selected and the nudge-up engagement strategy was developed based on Worldview’s audience segmentation findings and the key campaign concept of interconnection, connecting global citizens in Ireland with the people and issues in GOAL programme countries, was informed by Worldview’s key drivers analysis.

For more information on the #Connected2 Campaign, click on the links below.

 #Connected2 Presentation

#Connected2 Campaign Video

In Conversations with Connection Promo Video

Episode 1 Episode 2 Episode 3

#Connected2 YouTube Playlist






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