Pre-Budget Submission 2024

Conflict, Climate & Hunger: A call for action
Accelerating progress on reaching the furthest behind

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We want the Irish Government to know that not only do 75% of the Irish population believe in the value of overseas development aid (Worldview project 2022), many also see the need to increase the amount we spend on helping the most vulnerable. 

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Dóchas Budget 2024 Submission

At the beginning of 2023, a record 240 million people in 69 countries needed urgent humanitarian assistance. With escalating conflict in Sudan, the ongoing war in Ukraine and the food crises affecting the Horn of Africa and West Africa, this number is only set to increase in 2024. These facts demand we collectively act with urgency and intent.

Dóchas members and their partners, with their significant experience and expertise, are supporting communities to strengthen their own resilience to shocks and crises, to address their own development needs and to realise their rights. The collective strength of Ireland's NGOs is a valuable resource that serves to support and further Ireland’s global footprint. Ireland stepped up to increase funding in response to the spiralling crisis in the Horn of Africa in 2022, and it is vital we do not step back now.

As a co-facilitator for the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) Political Declaration at the UN SDG Summit in September, Ireland has a critical leadership role to play in galvanising energy, optimism and action, and domestically Budget 2024 must demonstrate our commitment to achieving the SDGs.

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Front cover image: Elema, 56, with his camels near North Horr in Marsabit in the north
of Kenya. Years of drought in the area has seen even hardy animals like camels die.
Photo: Ed Ram/Concern Worldwide, Dec. 2021


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