Locally-Led Development

In this section you will find useful resources on the topic of locally-led development. Many of the resources here also fall under the category of Humanitarian Aid but have been placed here in order to highlight the growing conversation on this topic.

Pathways to Localisation

A framework towards locally led humanitarian response in partnership-based action. This is a programme funded by the European Commission's…

German NGOs Together Programme Summary

Four German NGOs have come together to to support local actors in strengthening their capacity in humanitarian response, preparadness…

Localisation in Practice -Emerging Indicators and Practical Recommendations

This report was commissioned by the Start Network's Disasters and Emergencies Preparadness Programme (DEPP) to contribute to learning on…

Guidance Note on the Participation of local actors in Humanitarian Coordination Groups

Grand Bargain Localisation Workstream

Localisation and the COVID-19 Response - Interim Guidance

IFRC and UNICEF in Collaboration with the Inter-Agency Standing Committee (IASC) - May 2020

Introducing 'the RINGO Project': Re-imagining the INGO and the role of global civil society

The RINGO Project is a systems change initiative that seeks to transform global civil society to respond to today’s challenges

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