Safeguarding Sessions 2022: Beyond Compliance to Implementation

The Dóchas Safeguarding Working Group hosted a four part-series of online learning conversations in November 2022. You can view the recordings, presentations and resources shared here.

In November 2022, the Dóchas Safeguarding Group hosted a four-part series of online learning conversations which will explore questions such as: ‘What is needed to lead a culture of safeguarding in the Irish humanitarian and development sector?’ and ‘How can we move beyond compliance to implementation?’. 

Read on to view the video recordings and presentations from each Session, as well as resources that were highlighted by our speakers and atendees. We also have a dedicated Safeguarding Resources page on our website here

Session 1: Integrating Safeguarding throughout the organisation


This session was chaired by Emily Lyons, Plan International Ireland. Our speakers, and their presentations: 


Session 2: Working in Partnership: A local approach to Strengthening Safeguarding Systems


This session was chaired by Matthew Banks, Children in Crossfire. Margaret was joined by colleagues & partners to share Trócaire's learning review paper 'Working in Partnership', including experiences from Zimbabwe. They shared their experience on working together to ensure that safeguarding policies and systems work for specific context, programme type and partner structures. Topics that were covered include: i) partnerships; ii) localisation of safeguarding strengthening; iii) what works well; and iv) lessons learnt and recommendations for further strengthening. 

Our speakers, and their presentations: 


Session 3: What does Safeguarding Training mean to you and your organisation? 


This session was chaired by Matthew Banks, Children in Crossfire.  This interactive conversation focused on the issue of training for Safeguarding within the humanitarian, development and international volunteering sectors. The session had a focus on topics including: the importance and effectiveness of training for safeguarding; approaches, modalities and methodologies; and policy implementation. 

Our speakers, and their presentations: 


Session 4: Caring for Survivors: A Principled Approach to Safeguarding


This session was chaired by Matthew Banks, Children in Crossfire. Valerie preseneted on key concepts of the survivor centred approach, strengthening organisational culture and reporting and incorporating a survivor centred approach to case management.

Our speaker, and their presentation:



What would like to talk about: