Worldview Toolkit

Exploring Irish attitudes to overseas development aid

Worldview Workshop

The Worldview Workshop took place on Wednesday, 16th June from 2 - 5pm. It was a facilitated interactive engagement with the Worldview project's baseline research findings and practical application of insights for practitioners across the Dóchas network including those working in public engagement, community outreach, development education, global citizenship, communications, fundraising and marketing, focusing on two main sessions: 

Insights Analysis 

The Worldview project's strategic advisors, Jennifer and David Hudson (Co-Directors of the Development Engagement Lab)  presented interpretations and insights coming from their analysis on the key drivers of support for overseas development aid followed by a Q&A and group discussions giving members an opportunity for deeper engagement with the research and it's implications on our public engagement work. 

Download DEL Insights Presentation 

 Practical Application 

This session looked at how we apply the research data and insights to our public engagement work including messaging and targeting for both individual members and collectively through the Worldview experimental campaign. Rachel Pallett, Coordinator of the Campaign to Defend UK Aid and Development, shared their experience of data-driven, insight-led experimental campaigning. The Worldview Creative Consultants, We The People, presented their concept for the project's experimental campaign providing an opportunity for members to discuss and input into the campaign's development. 

Download #BacktoSchool Campaign Presentation

Download WTP Worldview Campaign Presentation

For more information about the Worldview Workshop get in touch with the project's coordinator Vikki Walshe 



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