Worldview Toolkit

Exploring Irish attitudes to overseas development aid

2nd Annual Tracker Survey

The 2nd Worldview survey results are in!

The survey ran from 20 October – 2 December 2021 among a nationally representative sample of 2,026 Irish adults to gauge their awareness and attitudes towards overseas development aid.

The survey included a new section containing a variety of messages/statements to test how messages are resonating and landing with the Irish public and to gain insight into how we communicate development in the current context. 

View the key findings and download the results below.

Survey 2 Key Findings Report

Survey 2 Full Analysis Report

Message Testing Analysis  

Key Findings

Audience Segments – Demographic Overview

77% believe it is important that the Irish Government provides overseas aid


Human rights, shared humanity and humanitarianism are the top 3 most important reasons to help those in developing countries


The main causes of perceived poverty in developing countries are Government and Private Sector corruption, war and conflict, and Government inefficiency or incompetence


TV, newspapers/press and radio are the most frequently used sources for news and information 


Top messages by audience segmentation 


What would like to talk about: