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Exploring Irish attitudes to overseas development aid

Meet the Worldview Segments and Personas

Meet the Worldview Segments and Personas

The Worldview research has identified six clearly defined and targetable audiences among the Irish public ranging from young (18+) to old and less to highly engaged across a range of socio-economic demographics and measures including issues of importance, life guiding principles and values and worldviews.  

Why create a segmentation of the Population?

Segmentation research is a critical tool for organizations looking to understand their audiences better.

By identifying the most effective communication channels and messaging for different segments, organisations can to tailor their communication to the needs and preferences of each segment, depending on who they want to target.

By focusing on the needs and preferences of specific segments, organisations can create more customized offerings that attract interest and hence generate increased engagement and positive support.

Overall, it can improve marketing effectiveness, and drive donations and competitive advantage.

Know Your Audience  

Use the navigation for a further breakdown of the six audience segments and discover more about who they are, their socio cultural profile, level of support and engagement and how to reach them:

Meet the Personas within the Segments

Now that we know the audience segments, who are the people within these groups? Having one individual in mind can often help us understand a wider group in a deeper way with the aim of targeting them in a more precise manner. These Worldview Personas were developed by participants of the Worldview Practitioners Workshop and act as a useful tool to generate discussion and creative ideas within teams. Take a closer look at the six Worldview Personas.

Eileen the Global Citizen, 32

Gavin the Community Champion, 37 

Martin the Multilateralist, 65

Niamh the Empathiser, 23

Frida the Pragmatist, 65

Robert the Disengaged, 40





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