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Exploring Irish attitudes to overseas development aid


Pragmatists represents the oldest of all segments, with approaching half of them falling into the empty nester lifestage category. These individuals are also more likely to qualify as blue collar working C2DE individuals.

Socio Cultural Profile

National Pragmatists identify primarily as citizens of Ireland, and, with a somewhat pessimistic view of the country’s future economy, believe getting the economy back on track, while addressing endemic issues such as the  health service, should be the Government’s primary focus in the short to medium term.

Overseas Aid Profile

National Pragmatists are perhaps the most likely of all segments to attribute poverty in developing countries to the corruption, inefficiency and weak institutions of Governments there. This segment does however, express a strong sense in which developing countries should be given help due to a sense of humanitarianism and human justice.

How do we reach them?

National Pragmatists are heavy consumers of traditional media, including TV, print and radio. These adults are also most likely to hold the view that Government policy, current affairs programming, and both global organisations and special interest groups are all well placed to influence and prompt social change.

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