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Exploring Irish attitudes to overseas development aid

Global Citizens

Global Citizens adults are significantly more likely than the average individual to fall into the single/pre-family life-stage, to live in an urban area, and to hold a third level qualification. These individuals are also more likely to tend towards the left of the political spectrum.

Socio-cultural Profile 

Two-thirds of those in Global Citizens define themselves as global citizens. At a national level, they over-index on concerns around housing, the environment and work/life balance, and also worry about the trend towards populism, and the advent of fake news/corruption of information.

Overseas Aid Profile 

Global Citizens are strongly inclined towards the view that developing countries can make progress given the right support and are deeply concerned about poverty in such countries at a personal level. This segment also places more trust than average in overseas aid organisations and multi-lateral organisations, and its motivation to help developing countries is based on a broad mix of values and sentiments. This segment is also quite critical of more powerful countries, and their role over the years in propagating poverty in developing countries. 

How do we reach them?

Global Citizens are most likely of all to source their news and information via multi-media digital channels, and significantly less likely to consumer linear TV. They are more likely than the average individual to believe in the ability of both global organisations and individual citizens to bring about social change. 

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