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Exploring Irish attitudes to overseas development aid



Disengaged Nationalists adults skew heavily towards males, with almost half of them falling into the 25-44 years age group. Almost three in ten lean towards the right on the political spectrum.

Socio Cultural Profile 

Those in Disengaged Nationalists view their identity through the prism of their country first of all, and their local community after that. These individuals hold the most pessimistic view of their future finances, view Ireland’s move to becoming a more diverse society with scepticism, and are also more concerned than all other segments about immigration, fake news, and the role of technology in today’s world.

Overseas Aid Profile 

Entirely unsympathetic to the notion of helping developing countries, Disengaged Nationalists essentially believe that Government incompetence and the irresponsible behaviour of citizens of those countries themselves are the root causes of poverty there.

How do we reach them?

In general, Disengaged Nationalists are the most disengaged of all segments from mainstream media, and is much more likely to defer to individual friends and family as a source of information about key issues of importance to them.

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