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Exploring Irish attitudes to overseas development aid


Socio Cultural Profile 

Compared to all other segments, individuals in European Multilateralists are significantly more likely to view themselves as European citizens, although their own country is also a key determinant of their own individual identity. This segment is strongly of the view that the evolution of Ireland to a more diverse society in recent years has been a lot more positive than negative. 

Overseas Aid Profile 

The vast majority of those in European Multilateralists are concerned about poverty in developing countries and are more inclined than the average individual to support aid to developing countries due to a sense of justice and morality. Attributing poverty in developing countries to a mix of causes, these individuals indicate high levels of trust in multi-lateral organisations like the EU and UN , compared to other relevant bodies.

How do we reach them?

European Multilateralists are best targeted through the full mix of standard media touchpoints. These individuals are more likely than average to place faith in global organisations to bring about social change, and less convinced of the ability of local groups and individual citizens to do so.

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